Glenn Buhr

Glenn Buhr

Glenn Buhr (Genie award-winner and 4-time Juno nominee) is a singer/songwriter and guitarist/pianist; a powerful performer of his own music.

Buhr & The Button Factory Band recently performed with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra under conductor Bramwell Tovey during the VSO’s 2017 New Music Festival.  (Music lovers will remember Buhr as front man – along with Tovey – of Winnipeg’s New Music Festival.)

Glenn Buhr, with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra (January 2017)

His songs and performances are an eclectic and imaginative mix of vintage blues/roots music, lyrical songs, and sound art.  His solo performances are intimate and engaging, and when he’s with his Button Factory Band, the concerts are highly energized and often wildly unpredictable, mixing Buhr’s precisely arranged songs with pure improvisation.

Glenn Buhr, performing with the Button Factory Band


Glenn Buhr is also well traveled as a composer, having written music on commission for orchestras, jazz ensembles, ballet companies, choirs, classical soloists, and string quartets from all over the world.  He’s also written and performed on several film scores.

He’s toured Canada twice as a jazz artist, and he’s also performed his own piano concerto with the Esprit Orchestra and the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.  His full-length ballet, Beauty and the Beast, has toured The UK five times, and Asia three times.

This is the Murmur of Yearning for Chamber Orchestra, by Glenn Buhr

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